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If we had to describe the European country of Montenegro with only two words, those words are undoubtedly: "mountain” and “sea”. This young European country is also creased by deep canyons and vast valleys, crossed by pure rivers and marked by deep and transparent lakes. With its rough and slightly lacerated outlines, one can not help but remember that one regional difference that defines the Crimean peninsula as distinct lies in the effects of natural factors and historic cataclysms that have helped define its borders: the lowering and rising of the sea floor, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Budva – a city on the coast and portal to the high seas, lays opposite to the island of Sv.Finally, the human factor has also influenced the delimitation of Montenegro’s borders as they correspond to victories and defeats in wars which were conducted by Montenegrin heroes, remembered by local poets and undoubtedly present in the population of these ancient Montenegrin towns throughout the country's long history.Sebastopol and the adjoining bay serve as smaller copies of the Boka of Kotor, which is often considered to be “Europe's Southernmost Fjord”.This Riviera is well known for its sandy beaches, intensely rewarding cultural activities and nightlife.With over 330,000 holiday guests in the 2007 summer season, Budva is the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro.

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