Cross reference in word not updating top america dating sites

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Actually there is a more convenient and quicker method to remove all error references in Word. Kutools for Word’s Remove all error reference utility allows you to remove all error reference with one click.

If you use Edit Hyperlink, the existing hyperlink becomes the default Text to display, but of course you can change it.

Then how can we remove all such error reference in Word? It's quite easy to remove an error reference with this method. In the Captions dialog, please click the OK button to go ahead. Now, a dialogue popping up to tell you how many “error!

However, it will be very awful and tedious to remove dozens of error reference one by one manually. Reference source not found.” Will be remove in your document.

Although you may be used to seeing hyperlinks as blue and underlined, they can be formatted in many different ways and may even look like ordinary text.

For example, TOC entries and cross-references, even when they are hyperlinks, do not have the distinctive hyperlink formatting.

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