Cute dating love quotes

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[divider] We share a love bond that is unbreakable and our love is sweeter than bird’s songs.[divider] Everything I know about love is just because of you. [divider] You are and you will always be my one and only love, I promise you that no one will ever replace you.All I can say is that my world in full of happiness and smile whenever I am with you. [divider] I love you so much that my heart slips a beat when you call my name. [divider] I want to be in your arms because even my soul feels peaceful.[divider] This is a saying that this type of love is only once in a life. [divider] Only you are the one who can make me feel carefree. I thank God that you are my husband and i believe that you will always be there for me. [divider] You are free to hold and leave my hand but please hold my heart forever. [divider] I fell in love with you because when you loved me i couldn’t even love myself.[divider] You are the only man I use to dream, and the only man i want to be with me whole life.[divider] I love you so much, my love for you is inexplicable and ever lasting.

[divider] I believe that dreams can surely come true because mine did when we both met. [divider] I can not say how much I love you, and how special you are. Please always be with me and do love me this way the whole life. [divider] You have made my heart brighter than a brightest candle. [divider] Our love bond is stronger and sweeter than anything.

[divider] Everyday, my love for you gets deeper, deeper and deeper. [divider] Whenever you feel lonely, just look at the spaces between your fingers and imagine, mine fits here perfectly.

[divider] Don’t judge me by what I do or what I say, there is not a single moment that i spend without thinking of you.

[divider] The more boys I meet in my life, I realize that you are the only one who is perfect for me.

[divider] My only wish is to be with you until the last day of earth.

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