Dating a canadian man

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well, I guess it depends on their options and perhaps choice to not partake in casual sex if they’re single. I would love to hear about your thoughts in the comments!

Most respondents (45%) said they never engage in casual sex (I will take them on their word because this was anonymous but you never know), but, not far behind at 42% were those who engaged in Friends with Benefits arrangements.

Although it’s just a quick snapshot, it really is telling about what people are experiencing. As you see below, there were almost equal amounts of men and women respondents.

Half of the respondents were in the 35 to 44 age range, which makes sense because that’s the demographic of my readers.

Although I couldn’t get representation from all provinces across Canada, I was still able to get a good number from the bigger cities in the country.

Most respondents seem to be looking for some sort of relationship or companionship, even if it was casual.

If they have a relationship, they want to live in their home; invite men and meet them in their own territory.It should not be expensive, when a man is obliged to give gifts of some kind.It is important that a man does something for a woman, for example, he buys some chocolate baskets.And this gives women a certain additional sense of independence and stability, that is, women here value, above all, their freedom and are in no hurry to part with it, even if there are any material benefits (living with someone will be cheaper, easier etc.).We would like to focus your attention on the fact that our women, if we compare them with Canadians in this sense, if there is an opportunity to live with a man, most likely will take advantage of this very opportunity.

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