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Pescatelli in particular spiraled into a Twitter-induced rage and began comparing herself to Martin Luther King Jr.; she then compared Schumer's alleged joke stealing to Bill Cosby allegedly raping several women."At least Cosby knocked his victims out b4 he raped them," she tweeted (and deleted) on January 19.She said the similarities between hers and Schumer's jokes were "probably parallel thinking." The day before, on January 20, Liebman used the same phrase, "parallel thinking," in a tweet about her material versus Schumer's: It's unclear if Liebman and Pescatelli discussed their charges against Schumer.But it's interesting to see both of them employ the same phrase in absolving her.Her writing to me was enough." Meanwhile, Norton asked Pescatelli if she had felt pressured to apologize.Pescatelli revealed that she felt like she was singled out by Schumer (who had wondered on air if Pescatelli was doing this for publicity), and that Liebman and Madigan weren't targeted.And it probably doesn't matter that the people who initially laid out those allegations have since retracted them.Over Martin Luther King Day weekend three female comedians — Kathleen Madigan, Wendy Liebman, and Tammy Pescatelli — alleged, through their Twitter accounts, that Schumer stole their jokes and presented them as her own.

But Refinery 29 and other websites documented the messages.

But what especially endangers her reputation is that her brand is rooted in feminism.

Over the past year, Schumer has become a symbol of feminism and a champion against slut-shaming and body shamers, an image that the media helped crystallize.

It's ultimately up to the public to decide they believe the allegations and keep them circulating them, or to decide they believe Schumer and quash them.

What makes things tough for Schumer is that she's recently been facing a growing wave of backlash.

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