Dating a daddys girl

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It was always me and my dad for as long as I could remember.

He traveled across the country twice just to be near me, once from California to New York and then from New York to Florida to the dismay of my mother.

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I screamed my head off as she hastily turned around and went the correct way before we had a head-on collision. We’d walk to the nearest convenient store and load up on junk food to take back to his room.

Sometimes he took me to the mall where he always bought me something special. My father had a difficult past, but he always told me the truth about it. Instead, I appreciated his honesty and the deep talks we had.

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When I came to visit him in his room at the motel he worked at, she was waiting there with a big smile on her face. It was then that I realized I had power over both of them.

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If I wasn’t so jealous of her, maybe we could someday be friends.

My father told me two weeks later over the phone that they were getting married.

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