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During the Vietnam War, for example, a handful of Green Berets managed to aggregate a variety of indigenous tribes into a 60,000-member guerrilla army, the Civil Irregular Defense Force.

The guerrilla armies that the Green Berets amass behind enemy lines are trained, equipped and led by the Special Forces.

Berets are worn as part of the uniform of many military and police units worldwide, as well as by other organisations.

Archaeology and art history indicate that headgear similar to the modern beret has been worn since the Bronze Age across Northern Europe and as far south as ancient Crete and Italy, where it was worn by the Minoans, Etruscans and Romans.

Think of conventional warfare as a sledgehammer -- it can have a profound effect when it hits, but is heavy and unwieldy.

Unconventional warfare is more like an exacting scalpel.

Green Berets live by their wits, making their own decisions with little, if any, interference or help from their superiors.

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The Green Berets' operations fall well within the category of unconventional warfare. The front -- the dividing line between opposing militaries -- is the cell wall.

Conventional warfare includes military operations on a massive scale.

It uses tanks, planes, ships and large troop forces.

In Afghanistan, for example, Green Berets selected and acquired the targets that would have the most impact for United States missiles. In the next section, we'll learn about the roles they play in the local and national politics of foreign nations.

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