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Thanks, Nephi the serial number on the guild guitar we have which we have been told belonged to Hank Williams, Jr. The Guild D-50 earned itself a special moniker: the Bluegrass Special. But without the benefit of Martin and Gibson’s histories, Guild—which will turn 60 next year—has sometimes played the role of renegade as well as institution.Guild’s superb, beautifully built, and relatively affordable acoustics have been the choice of legends like Nick Drake and Paul Simon.Apart from its top and back binding, the D-50 Standard is virtually free of ornamentation—only a mother-of-pearl logo inlay atop the trademark, art deco-inspired headstock hint at its brand identity.

As such, it lacks a lot of the fancier appointments, like the Chesterfield inlay, that tend to scream “Guild” from afar.It's in 'good' condition, do you have any idea what it may be worth now? Hi, My wife has asked me to sell her Guild 12-string guitar, serial #FJ100124. Since the serial# is not listed, I am at a loss to determine its value.Thanks Trying to determine the year of manufacture for this guitar. I've looked at numerous sites for dating Guilds but can't find this number anywhere. Can anybody help with either the serial number or tell me how to find the model number?In 2009, Guild relocated yet again, this time to share factory space with recent Fender acquisitions Ovation and Hamer in New Hartford, Connecticut.And if the D-50 Standard reviewed here is any indication, the move has done nothing to diminish Guild’s ability to build great-playing, beautiful-sounding acoustics.

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