Dating a man 20 years older than me

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So two things I see happening to other women to watch out for.You will get out there and start earning money and start seeing the world is bigger and want to experience it …and he won’t.He had his party days and was established in his career and was all excited to play house…for real.But after 6 months, her business grew and with it more opportunities to play out in the real world.But your 20’s are a life-stage of much growth, change and getting to know yourself. You do have so much to experience and as much as you’re more mature than your peers and you think you know who you are, you don’t, at least not well enough to commit to a man regardless of his age. Even 40-something women who married the love of their lives in their early 20s wish they had waited.Even when you think you’re an old 20-something, you’re not.Or, you will get out there and experience his world and start thinking that is where you should be…and start being someone you are not.

I told my family, but they’re not fond of the age difference (my older brothers think it’s “disgusting”).

She got the bug and wanted to go out, he wanted to go home. It was just a symptom of the different places they were in their lives and what they wanted.

She didn’t think she wanted it but it’s a natural progression in your 20s.

I can’t see myself with somebody in their 20s at the moment.

I’m finishing college and have a well-paying job lined up.

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