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[Note: Children who start acting out by late Elementary or early Middle School years have often times experienced being bullied at home or sexually abused.Resist the urge to minimize negative behaviors or to back down about the need to set healthy boundaries with children of this age; bad tempers are not normal no matter what Enabler friends try to tell you.Those Narcissists who are good looking have a tendency to turn into Somatic Narcissists.

What you find is as they age, if there is a predisposition to egocentrism and crazy-making behaviors, the senior citizen Narcissist or person with Anti-Social Personality Disorder tendencies is likely to skip maturing with age.

With 13 or 14 years old being the psycho-social and emotional cap for the EQ [Emotional Quotient] rather than the IQ [Intelligence Quotient], having to work with or deal with most is like having to subject yourself to a cross-country car ride with a combative or angry teenager at best.

For that reason alone, the findings of the new study seem to line up directly with what seems to happen in life to most Narcissistic people.

If they [the 80%-ers, not the Narcissists] chose to marry young, their children hit high school and college graduations and the “empty nest” seem to happen right on time.

Parents who mature along with their children — perpetually remaining in the adult hot-seat — reach child graduation time with a sense of relief coupled with familial pride.

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