Dating a platonic friend

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We explored new neighborhoods, meandered through parks, and people-watched out of a coffee shop’s balcony.

The next week, I hosted a board game night and invited her so she could meet some of my friends.

She quickly connected us via Facebook, where her friend and I immediately hit it off and subsequently spent the whole weekend together.

Jessica later introduced me to yet another awesome friend in San Francisco, and once again, her friend and I ended up having amazing chemistry.

One thing led to another and here were are 2 years later, newlyweds.

There was a TV show with a cute sarcastic guy who the main girl could totally be herself with but she kept pursuing someone else. I was always attracted to him, but figured he could never feel the same way about me.

Even after we went our separate ways, we texted all night. He’s naturally flirty and just a good human and in the back of my head I was thinking, “Wow, he’d make a great boyfriend.”During sophomore year our friends were making bets on whether we would get together soon because we were getting increasingly flirty around each other. One thing led to another and thus began our relationship.

The friendship-first approach centers around sharing fun and memorable experiences with the people we meet, and seeking to learn their stories and their preferences, free of any overtly sexual or romantic expectations.

Sex and romance can definitely still happen in the context of friendship-first dating, but they are never assumed or expected, and the top priority is always to understand and validate someone’s existing preferences and goals rather than imposing your own goals and expectations upon them.

The person who bet on us was so happy he predicted it that he gave us the money that he had won. I’ve known him my entire life (moms are best friends) and have always been friends.

Our mothers not so subtlety had hinted over the years at us getting together which only succeeded in pushing us as far away from each other as possible.

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