Dating a player is a losing game

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One of the clear signs that you’re dating a player is that he’s always texting other people.

Is she always trying to use her emotions to cause a guilt trip? If she always displays these traits, then it’s time to be suspicious.

In order to get to know someone and establish a connection, it’s important that both of you take steps to include each other in your respective worlds.

However, if he’s unwilling to include you in this aspect of his life, this is typically the sign of a player, as it shows that you’re just not that important to him.

By being safe am not talking about physical or bodily harm. Do you feel like you are constantly walking on egg shells around the person? Well my friend, she is probably not in to you Here is the simple truth and I am not the only one saying this “when someone is interested in you, they will always find the time for you” So if you constantly find yourself being forced to do things that you are not comfortable doing, just so you can please her, then its best you walk away.

Imagine taking a girl home say to a family occasion. In all honesty, being in love is an awesome feeling.

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