Dating a stanley block plane

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Once it is wide open, another 1/16 inch won't make much difference.

I am going to have to check now to see if the "harp" was just flipped when they made the change to bent up from bent down.

The turned up adjusters supposedly started showing up in the 1950's.

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I had forgotten about this post and was surprised to see my name pop up unexpectedly. Dan Everything looks exactly like mine, including the throat adj.I appear to have found the same low angle plane that Dan Bayliss described in 2003.It has the 8 on the bottom of the throat piece, a Stanley adjustment knob, and no other markings, other than a number on the frog that could be a 69 or a 691. It is 6" long, and 1 11/16" wide (actually, I found this thread by searching for 1 11/16" width block planes, and this is all I found). I could not find anything at Patrick's Blood and Gore that matched these dimensions.Blood and Gore list the width of the blade, not the width of the plane.The turned up throat adjuster began to appear after 1952.

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