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There aren’t many interviews of Cassie Ventura talking about Diddy, but Madame Noire reports Cassie did gush to Vibe Vixen several years ago about her relationship.

When asked if Diddy inspires her, she said, “Absolutely.

What's more, her caption read, "lemme drive the boat." Not surprisingly, several followers took the opportunity to blast her with questions about Diddy on her new post.

Still, there were plenty of other fans that had her back and said they were proud of Lori's response to all the noise.

This caused him and Cassie to split briefly before getting back together.

As for Jocelyn Chew, there’s no evidence on Instagram that the two may be romantically linked, but the rumors persist.

In 2007, fans started to catch on that Cassie and Diddy may be more than just professional collaborators.

They managed not to make their relationship public until 2012, however, as they both thrive off of privacy.

Of all the concerning incidents, though, one particular detail has attracted a lot of attention: the salad comb.People reports Diddy and Cassie first met all the way back in the early 2000s when she was signed to his record label, Bad Boy Records.In case you’re unfamiliar with Cassie Ventura’s work, she’s an R&B singer most known for one of her first hits, “Me & U.” Since then, she’s also collaborated with Diddy to make hits like “Swagga Like Puff” in 2008 and “Must Be Love” in 2009.In one photo, Lori can be seen with her arm around the iconic rapper.While Lori has yet to confirm or deny the romance rumors, she did post the below gorgeous photo of herself sunbathing on a boat off the coast of Capri.

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