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They make great cocktails here, they serve some sandwiches and small plates, and (since it’s in a less-busy part of Williamsburg) you can always find a table here.

Expect a wait if you’re trying to hit this place at a peak time. Maize on any given night, and roughly 95% of the people there will be on a date.Bring a date who will be impressed that you know of such an under-the-radar place, claim a little round table, and maybe eat a burger.When you decide that you really like someone, but you aren’t quite ready to go to a place where there are white tablecloths and waiters who have really good diction, go to Marlow & Sons.Officially, Humboldt and Jackson is an “American tasting room.” We, obviously, have no idea what this means - but you can just treat it like a bar.It’s on a relatively quiet corner near the Graham stop of the L train, and it’s a two-part space with a bar area up front and a dining room in the back.

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