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Adding: "I feel I won't be fully complete until I have my dream family." And in a clip from her show, she said: "I have been worrying about my fertility."My whole life I have assumed if I met someone I could have babies straight away, but what if I can't?He is Australian born actor belonging to white ethnicity. He was born to the house of Melissa Elordi and has two sibling sisters Jalynn and Isabella. Jacob started his career via stage act in ‘Seussical: The Musical.’ He began working in short movies like Max and Losefa, Carpe Liam and more before entering in big screen movies.In 2017, he achieved a big-screen debut via ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ As of 2018, he is the main cast of ‘The Kissing Booth’ movie’s lead cast.The relationship becomes perfect when one supports another.Moreover, it would be a picture perfect if a partner is from the same profession.Torres wasn’t wearing her wedding ring when she lunched and kissed the other man.Many films go down in history not for their plotlines, but for their steamy make-out sessions between some of Hollywood's best actors.

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Yes, his girlfriend is Joey King, with whom he is seen in ‘The Kissing Booth.’ The couple started dating while filming in 2017.

And The Inbetweeners actress admitted that having a child would make her "complete" as she has "too much love in" her not to.

Speaking to the Mirror's We Love TV, she shared: "I've always felt like a lost kid in a supermarket.

"I used to look at my Grandma Betty when she was alive and think, God, she’s surrounded with all of us, she’s got so many grandkids, so many kids. "I don't want to be a lonely old person, I want to be surrounded with family." The I'm A Celeb star said she feels like a "lost little kid" and torn between a teenage mindset and the need to get on with adult life.

Born on 26th June 1997, Jacob Elordi’s hometown is in Brisbane, Australia.

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