Dating after homecoming

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Others schools reserve prom for the big “date dance” and leave homecoming as the “go with your friends” dance.

Either way, a homecoming dance is a time for the entire school to come together and party.

Since homecoming is all about school spirit, the students elected to the court are usually pretty involved in school activities.

They are often on sports teams and are cheerleaders.

Everyone cheers and makes as much noise as possible to psych up their team so they’ll crush the competition at the game.

Homecoming court elections differ from school to school, but it generally goes down like this: The king and queen are upperclassmen (juniors or seniors), while the court is lowerclassmen.

There’s always a DJ or a band, but the venue is up to the school; sometimes it’s in a decorated gym or cafeteria, and other times it’s at an outside venue.

Whether or not you go with a date to your homecoming dance is up to you. Some schools use it as a chance to have a special night with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush.

Homecoming is a time to celebrate the school you’re attending.

And after you’ve graduated, it’s a time to go back (or “come home”) to your town and the campus, see old friends, and reminisce about your school days.

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