Dating age range chart

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Some people also get income from sources other than salary and wage earnings – sources like investment income.Still, knowing how much other full-time workers your age are earning can be a useful metric as you evaluate your financial picture. It’s a complicated question, and the answer depends on where you live and what your needs and long-term goals are.But some people just want to know how their pay compares to that of other people their age.Earnings increase beginning in one’s 20s, an age group that includes some new college graduates.The average salary of 20-to-24-year-olds is 2.50 per week, which translates to ,770 per year.

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Many start to leave the workforce when they hit 62 and become eligible for Social Security benefits (though it’s best to max out those benefits by waiting longer to start taking them).

These numbers are for full-time workers in each age set.

As you might imagine, the lowest salary by age group is the one comprised entirely of teenagers, many of whom are only working summer jobs.

This set also includes many people who received professional degrees from graduate schools, further bringing up the average.

The average salary of 35-to-44-year olds is 6 per week, ,272 per year.

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