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The way I knew I needed to leave was that I wasn’t like that anymore. That won’t last.’”Nor did her New York celebutante life: her fame, emblematic of the period, had an expiration date.“The internet felt smaller,” said former Gawker editor Jessica Coen, now at Jezebel.

I saw a couple holding hands and I thought ‘just wait.

In 2004, Allison graduated from Georgetown University.

but instead appeared on TV as a representative of the magazine.

Allison has been romantically linked with former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., a Democrat, in 2002.

Her relationship was used as an attack ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Ford's unsuccessful run for United States Senate in 2006.

Another choice remark: "I was trying to look like Lindsay Lohan but it ended up like the fifth element!!!

Let us now look back and remember three and a half years of highlights of Julia's unfiltered life.

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