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Meeting (미팅) If your Korean friend tells you that he/she is going to a “미팅” (same pronunciation as the English word “meeting”), it doesn’t mean that he/she is going to a meeting to discuss work or study-related issues.

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In a meeting, the most attractive man who is able to gain the attention of most women is called “킹카” (pronunced as “King-Ka”) which literally means the”King card”.

However, traditional Korean night-clubs are different from the Western ones – there are rows of tables for patrons to sit down and chat and a relatively small dance floor since patrons in fact do not go there to dance.

Usually, 4 or 5 men sit down at a table and are served expensive wine and fruit.

They are assigned a waiter who, in return for a tip from the men, go around the other tables to find a group of women whom they bring over to the men’s table.

Usually, the larger the tip, the prettier the women he will bring.

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