Dating dinosaur fossils

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The work does show that the denaturation temperature for some forms of collagen is lower than the 80º C–90º C typically used for degradation experiments.However, the study did not determine the actual rate of collagen degradation at any temperature. Rana simply makes the assumption that degradation at lower temperatures will be slower than predicted by the equation.High temperatures (e.g., 80º C–90º C) are often used in laboratory studies to accelerate collagen’s degradation.

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I’ve found that following the lead with your child’s interest can lead to amazing discoveries for both of you.Results of experimental decay studies clearly indicate that even small fragments of these proteins will not survive for millions of years.Critical challenges to this experimental evidence fail to adequately address known protein biochemistry.Throughout this activity I have added further activity suggestions you can find here on Rainy Day Mum however, we are limited as there are only so many hours in the day so these resources from supplies we use and recommend can be used to extend this even further.There is nothing better than getting hands-on holding real fossils in your hands and although the local natural history museum is a good place to start it’s possible to purchase a fossil set that gives information about the fossils and real samples of them.

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