Dating divorce during

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Again, dating while married is itself not against the law, and it likely will have little effect on what a judge might rule in your case, but proof of adultery in the marriage could have a big effect on certain rulings.” of marital property, which means courts can look at a variety of factors to determine an equitable or fair distribution.Once an agreement is reached, a judge need only review it and sign it.If you want to date during the time you are not yet divorced, you will want to ask yourself whether doing so might prevent you and your spouse from being able to reach a settlement agreement quickly.Until your judge signs their name to the final orders in your case (known as a Final Decree of Divorce) you are not divorced.This means that if you were to start dating another person during your divorce a court could consider this to be infidelity and it could trigger the sort of analysis we just went through regarding a division of your community state in a manner that does not favor you.Wherever you fall on the spectrum of divorces that I outlined above, understand that in the state of Texas you can get a divorce any reason- or no reason- at all.Texas is what is known as a “no fault” divorce state, which means that you do not have to cite a specific ground for your divorce in your Original Petition for Divorce.

For example, if your spouse took out sums of money from your joint bank account to pay for a trip for him and his paramour to take then this is going to affect how a judge awards the remaining portion of your community estate in the divorce case. Just because you have filed for divorce from your spouse does not mean that you are no longer married to that person.

Adultery can impact your divorce case significantly If your spouse commits adultery against you then you have it within your power as a citizen of Texas to not only request a divorce from your spouse but to request what is known as a disproportionate share of the community estate that you and your spouse own together.

Let’s break this down a little so that we understand what I mean by “disproportionate” and “community estate”.

If “dating” means that there is an unsafe individual in your house much of the time, or one who exposes the child to things such as drugs, a judge may be hesitant to award you your spouse regarding your divorce is preferable to litigating matters in front of a judge, as this will save on legal fees, help you obtain your divorce quicker, and reduce the drama you have to endure.

With a settlement agreement, you and your spouse will reach agreements on all matters such as property distribution, spousal support, child custody, and child support.

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