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Computer techs or support specialists will need different levels of education based on their prospective position.

Certificate programs are typically vendor-neutral and focus on such areas as database network administration, network security and application development.

Browse to the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool file you just downloaded,.

Now insert your recovery disc or USB drive into the infected PC Power on the machine, but rather than letting it start up normally you want to enter the BIOS menu.

They may take apart and reassemble their own computers in order to understand how all the parts work.

They may also learn through the library, by reading industry periodicals, or attending some classes.

Some techs are able to work from home, while others might have to travel to clients' homes or places of work.

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Once you're happy with your selections click Fix, and OK when prompted for confirmation.

A key on your keyboard - often F2 but you should see a message on-screen telling you which key to press - will allow you to open the BIOS.

Navigate the Boot options, then select the Save your changes and exit the BIOS.

Written, interpersonal, listening, problem-solving and speaking skills; familiarity with backup, operating system, configuration management, desktop communications and other related software; ability to use network analyzers, computer tool kits, mainframe computers and other related tools There are several paths to a career as a computer technician.

Many aspiring computer techs begin their education by learning about computers on their own.

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