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I almost thought our journey together would separate from there.But she came back and was in no time back to my side both as a friend and a co-worker.Real friends can also bring love, romance (the platonic kind of romance), passion and a deep sense of fulfillment as you grow older together.I don’t believe in a life without friendships, as much as I don’t believe in a life without love. Her name is Ngoc Anh but she introduced herself as Na.It’s the same space and respect she has given me too.No matter what my crazy idea or dream was, if I believed in it, she would back me up 100% and support me with bringing those ideas and dreams to life, never once questioning my ability or intention.

Perhaps it’s the deep love and respect we both have for each other that makes working together feel so easy and meaningful too.Together, we built KAfe, we built Yu Tang, and everything that we continue to envision together.That, to me, is the best partnership you can have in business and in life.I just stay by her side and make sure she has my support through her ups and downs, her mistakes, her losses and her wins.Sometimes I do feel the urge to stop her from making the same mistakes I have made in my past to avoid getting hurt.

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