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Small-town Czech Republic will present different challenges of course (be prepared to attract puzzled looks as a foreigner, and almost nobody will understanding a word of English, for example), but it will also provide with unique rewards and many hidden gems.Like having a full meal or a round of beers for an incredible price.Arranging an appointment or a date is a challenge, since you have to learn even the names of the week days and the months from scratch.Your only hope for help is if you speak Polish or Slovak, and that’s not exactly helping my case here. Czech traditional cuisine is like other parts of the culture: rich, solid, intimidating. Bara, my wife, has approximately half my body mass.Or meeting people who love to live a simpler, slower life and will be genuinely interested in hearing about you.I had experiences especially in the area around Brno and Ostrava.And the nature is also really diverse, peaceful and beautiful. The average Czech you meet in the street will most likely be in a great hurry to be somewhere else than in your presence (see point #7, below), and will look like they just had a very bad day.

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No matter how much I was travelling before, and all the knowledge and experience I had accumulated on intercultural learning, culture shock and stuff like that, the fact of actually moving to Prague, Czech Republic in 2015 still hit me like a truckload of bricks.

Granted, Prague is a wonderful place to live in (and one of the main tourist destinations in Europe) and I don’t regret at all my decision. That’s why I decided to write this post which will be a bit more silly than the rest of the stories I publish on this blog.

Hope is, this may help others to adapt more easily when moving to a different country.

A bit of a disclaimer here: I certainly don’t want to offend anybody.

The post intends to be humourous and has to be read with a bit of a satirical tone in mind.

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