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Hanabi and Mugi aren’t the only ones being affected here either.

As children, when both her and Mugi were together, people envisioned them for a prince and princess.Ebato’s (Ecchan) infatuation with Hanabi has unrequited written all over due to Hanabi’s inability on mutually reciprocating any romantic feelings.Only 6 episodes has been aired, so we do not know why Ebato likes Hanabi; perhaps her hatred of men she mentioned earlier will come into play soon.Kono Hana is a fairly known crack pairing in the Naruto fandom and even has its own group on Deviant ART.It is generally shipped by Naru Hina shippers, as they refer to both Konohamaru and Hanabi as the younger sibling of both Naruto and Hinata respectively; Konohamaru is Naruto's metaphorical "younger brother," while Hanabi is Hinata's younger sister.

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