Dating impotent man

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He would try to make love and fail, and then get so discouraged and anxious that he couldn’t bear to be cuddly or even kiss for fear it will lead to sex and another “failure”. Any self-respecting, hot blooded woman would, you’d say.

Considering my recent dating history, one of my friends said: “You must be a real ball breaker.” Now I feel there’s something wrong with ME.

The silver lining in this story is that some time after our break-up, my ex was cured of the condition by a specialist.

Q: I’m female, single, and had a great love life in my 20s, with a succession of really good men. I then had a short relationship with a man who turned out to be impotent. I soon dated another man who said he was madly in love with me but had the same problem.

I stayed with him for a few months but eventually the relationship broke down. But we stayed together for over a year because we got along so well together.

I felt very badly for him, since it was due to his problem which he didn’t seem to be able to fix. He said that I “embarrassed” him, because I was “too beautiful.” He explained that when we walked into a room, he could hear the heads click as they turned, and he could sense the men speculating on the size of his sexual equipment. However, after about a year his problem was resolved and he was able to perform.

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