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The region became a coastal area with deltas, scrub and forest.

The sandstones and mudstones formed in this period contain plant remains and the traces of land animals as well as marine fossils.

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The ocean receded from this area by the time of the Middle Jurassic, around 170 million years ago.Some of the processes are extremely slow – take the formation of rock from sand deposited at the bottom of the sea for example. These changes have not stopped – the sea is still battering away the coastline while sand is being brought by rain and rivers and laid on the sea bed. Hunting for fossils can be fun and enormously satisfying, if you follow a few simple guidelines to ensure that you stay safe.Whitby Abbey, the ruins of the abbey church " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ Scarborough a series of faults pushes rocks of the Middle and Upper Jurassic next to each other creating headlands and bays such as those at Filey.The landscape of the Yorkshire Coast has been shaped over millions of years. The rocks of the coast bear evidence of landslips, underwater slumps and other changes that happened millions of years ago but took only a matter of days to have their effect.

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