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infatuation is more about how the other person makes ME feel. You want, you desire, you believe that what you are experiencing is authentic.“True love is based on really knowing the other person… But does it line up biblically with the definition God gives to love?Desires to please her parents and seeks their approval in a relationship with a guy (whether your parents are Christians or not).Desires to please a guy no matter what her parents think. Cox, Educational Psychology Ph D, says that infatuation can be distinguished from romantic love only when looking back on a particular interest. and if infatuation is both an early stage in a deepening sequence of love/attachment, and at the same time a potential stopping point, it is perhaps no surprise that it is a condition especially prevalent in the first, youthful explorations of the world of relationships.Thus 'the first passionate adoration of a youth for a celebrated actress whom he regards as far above him, to whom he scarcely dares lift his bashful eyes' Admiration plays a significant part in this, as 'in the case of a schoolgirl crush on a boy or on a male teacher.They are free to interact and socialize with others.

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Desires the approval of godly friends and spiritual authorities (Pastor, youth leader, Sunday School teacher) in her friendship with a guy. The pleasurable feelings it creates are the Creator’s way to stimulate a man and woman to grow interested in one another, which can then lead them to marry, procreate and build secure and happy families.

Develops a friendship with a guy no matter what others think and does not seek the approval of godly friends or spiritual leaders. It can be fun and lets face it, love has to start somewhere. At this early stage couples make their relationship a priority; later they learn to accept differences and show each other appreciation” The problem comes when we mix love up with its beginning stage: inflation.

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