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I have tried to do this as unobtrusively as possible whilst ensuring that they cannot simply be cropped out from an edge location.

I have even seen several images that have clearly been copied from e Bay auctions!

This web-site is intended to be a purely nostalgic tour of the Broads and my only objectives are to share my enjoyment of the images and to maintain historical accuracy.My research also lead to a greater interest in the period beyond my own recollections and the production of the ‘Early Days’ and ‘Extras’ pages.Latterly my interest in the postcards themselves has also blossomed, particularly the early artist's cards, and I am now developing the, more in depth, boatyard history articles for another project.I will try to avoid this by linking-in the new topics as best I can.In a similar way: The discussions are lead by the content of the postcards themselves; which does mean that you will find instances where they appear in sections other than their actual locations.

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