Dating john g achille

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Priests went from being spiritual guides, ushering souls into heaven, to being regarded as agents of hell and darkness.The Reformer’s separation of the Bible from the Church was aided by the invention of the printing press—a Catholic invention in a Catholic society, Chesterton points out, but one that “has been largely used to turn out whole libraries of lies against that society.” The Protestants continued to protest not only against the Catholic Church but against each other, as new groups splintered away into even narrower sects with even narrower interpretations of the Bible and what Christianity should be.Forgotten was the fact that the Bible was, and still is, a Catholic document.

He’s especially right when he says “ignorance is increasing about these things.” First, there are the Fundamentalists, who appeal to the Bible without daring to appeal to the authority which actually fixed the Canon of the Bible.There was no longer any need for Confession, because salvation came through one act of grace on the cross, and Christ was then removed from the cross, lest we should dwell on that unpleasant business, or worse, worship a graven image on a crucifix.The wedding of man and woman lost its divine element, and subsequently sex became separated from marriage, and the family began to dissolve.The Protestants, in separating the Bible from the Church, turned the Bible against the Church.Forgotten was the fact that it was the Church that gave us the Bible.

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