Dating johnson brothers

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Powell & Bishop Origin: Hanley, Staffordshire Date: 1867-1878Formerly: Livesley, Powell & Co.Wesley Alan "Wes" Johnson (born May 23, 1988) is an American You Tuber and part-time member of Smosh Games.Wes has also done acting on You Tube, including acting in "Breaking Point" as the role of Tate Kelly and has been in acclaimed films such as "Nazis at the Center of the Earth." As a member of Smosh Games, he has appeared on many episodes of Grand Theft Smosh, Maricraft, Gamebang, Cell Outs and Friendly Fire.In 2014, Wes created his own You Tube channel, Wes The Editor, based around video games and other vlogs.The channel had more than 126,100 subscribers as of June 2018.

In April 2019, it was announced that Wes, along with Joven, was no longer a full-time member of Smosh Games, but would still come to participate in larger Smosh events such as Summer Games.They were engaged from August 5, 2016 to sometime in 2018.They ended their relationship during the first half of that year for unknown reasons, though it can be assumed that the two did not end amicably from comments both he and Courtney made in the Smosh Summer Games Apocalypse Smoshcast episode he was featured in.They were seen together in many photos on their social media accounts, as well as on Wes's brother's Instagram, where he referred to them all as a "crazy family".On January 28, 2019, Wes released a video on Wes IRL called "I Have Depression and That's Ok", in which he revealed (amongst other things) that he and Taylor had broken up, mostly due to problems with maintaining a long-distance relationship.

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