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Josef was a salesman, Fritz a mechanic and Wilhelm apprenticed as a precision mechanic.His masterpiece, constructed in 1930 at the clockmaker school in Schwenningen, was the cornerstone for the current H-series, the lead product of the house.Refined and with additional features, but basically unchanged, this high-precision movement is still produced today.The invention of this movement for grandfather clocks made Kieninger the specialist for movements with quarter chime.

The clock was an instrument to measure working time and efficiency. Nowadays, the beat of time is even faster: We accelerate by doing several things at the same time.The proud founder of the company can be seen together with his three sons and his son-in-law Eugen Neps on a picture with the new Opel car.The art of precision Like his brothers Fritz and Josef, Wilhelm Kieninger was working in the family company.At the end of the 13th century, when the mechanical wheel clock was invented in a monastery, people did not know that this invention should lead to a completely different consciousness of time in the centuries to follow.With the beginning of the industrialization, the clock was setting the pace.

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