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When we are finished brainstorming we can discuss some of the ideas before choosing one that works for everyone." You might want to introduce a timer and set it for two minutes and challenge the family to see how many ideas they can think of in two minutes.

Brainstorming is when we think of as many ideas as we can to solve a problem. After we have had fun brainstorming (with no discussion), we will choose one solution that we all agree on and try it for a week.

Children under the age of four may not be developmentally ready to learn the skills for family meetings.

If they are interrupting during family meetings (instead of being willing to play quietly), wait until they are asleep to have your family meeting with older children.

During compliments you can go around the circle and allow everyone to give a thank you for _____, an atta boy/girl for ________, or an appreciation for ____.

If they struggle with this, say, "We'll practice again next week." If everyone does well, say, "Next week we'll learn about brainstorming." During the week, when you see something "good," you can comment, "That would make a good compliment during our next family meeting." Don't write it down or tell them to remember. Continue to make suggestions when you see something that could go on the agenda—and/or add things yourself.

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