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Rockwell judged each of the women, while the women themselves never even saw his face.In the final episode, Rockwell chose ER nurse Darva Conger to be his lawfully wedded bride; she saw Rockwell's face for the very first time during their on-camera, legally binding wedding ceremony.The program had gotten such good ratings that it was originally going to be rebroadcast on February 22, 2000, but after this news surfaced, the network decided to pull the plug. On July 15, 2014, the landlord paid his tenants a visit and discovered eight rotting bodies hidden beneath the funeral home.When reporters and paparazzi showed up, Dondre initially told the spectators, "That's great advertising, because in a few days from now we'll be on a reality show so I want all this media." Ultimately, according to CBS, Dondre Johnson was found guilty of theft for stealing money from customers and neglecting the bodies of their loved ones, and sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of ,000. "The program featuring the Johnson Family Mortuary has not and will not air on Lifetime," said network exec Les Eisner.The show was packed with drama: Alexis was arrested for participating in the infamous Hollywood Bling Ring, and jailed for robbing Orlando Bloom's house, all in the first episode!

This story does have a happy ending, both girls are now sober, and Alexis is actually working as an addiction recovery counselor. My heart is working with young, addicted moms." was the premise: training celebrities to be police officers, and actually making them do the job while being filmed for a TV show. The 2007 series starred Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Jack Osbourne, Jason Acuna, and Trish Stratus as the famous officers in question.there's no denying that those reality shows have figured out a winning formula when it comes to sticking around for years and years.Things can go wrong on set all the time, and when dealing with regular amateurs instead of professional actors or experienced showbiz vets, that risk is even greater.According to ABC News, Jenkins already had a record of violence toward women when he appeared on the show — he'd assaulted his previous girlfriend, Faern Jewell, in 2007.The producers of said they were "reviewing all vetting procedures" after discovering they had allowed a man with a violent past onto the series, but the show was quickly canceled after the news of Jenkins' murder/suicide.

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