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They’ll be curious, intrigued, and attracted – the opposite of bored.

To really put the icing on the cake, you be the one to end the conversation by saying, “It’s been great hearing from you, but I have to run. Probably not, because if you are getting mixed signals from your ex, it means that they have initiated contact with you in some way. Sometimes, though it’s rare, an ex can truly want to be friends.

One client lamented to me that her ex boyfriend contacted her and said romantic things to her like he did when they were together but then ghosted her. It wasn’t mixed signals from an ex as much as it was a reaction to her moving feeling like the majority of it lies in your past. If your ex reaches out to you but then stops and doesn’t return your texts or calls, this is often caused by too much of an overly-enthusiastic response from you.

After a few questions I learned that she had overwhelmed him with texts and expressed the desire to define their relationship again as boyfriend and girlfriend. If you hear from your ex during the “no contact phase,” a major key is to be calm and that you not to break up with you.

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I hate to be the bearer of potentially bad news, but if you are getting mixed signals from your ex, it could be that your ex is trying to choose between you and someone else.

It tells them they can see other people and will experience no consequences from you or risk losing you. You want your ex to take you seriously, to feel that they have messed up with you, to worry that maybe they can’t get you back or at least that they can’t just call and say “Hey,” and you’ll jump into their arms.

If you want your ex back, you’ll be polite and light-hearted, but you won’t over pursue.

Remember, it is key to let your ex come to you – even when it is clear that your ex wants to get back together.

Over pursuing them only gives your ex confidence that they can take their time getting back together with you.

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