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It isn’t always possible to separate people from their career choices.To OP: at this point in my life, no I would not date an LEO. He was undercover and I remember when he used to get home I would run to give him a hug and he would stop me until after he took a shower from being in crack houses for the day.You can meet single police officers through online dating websites, at local cafés and bars, or through your neighborhood watch program.

I would never date anyone that worked for one of his establishments. They goofed off with the tanks and helicopters when they were bored. If you support trump, you either support the vile, racist things he does and says or you are willing to look past them for your own benefit. You may not consider yourself racist, but if you support trump you are saying that racism is okay and that you at the very least tolerate it.If they support them then they are as bad as their boss.I hated the hours and wondering if he was coming home. I come from a family of policemen so I would in a heartbeat.The hours suck, but so do the hours of other professions.

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