Dating police detective

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Gaining a solid foundation in the basics of criminal justice through a bachelor's degree can lead to faster promotions.

Aspiring detectives with their eyes on the top departmental ranks should earn a master's degree.

A master's degree increases promotion potential, while cybercrime, financial crime and forensics work demands additional coursework for expertise.

Assignments with state police departments and agencies also require successful completion of training at a state or regional academy.

This allows me to research, write, and edit papers at a fast pace.

I realize the power of references, so I only use reliable sources, peer-reviewed journals being my favorite.

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The larger the organization, the more opportunities homicide detectives have for advancement.

In the New York Police Department, the largest in the country, detectives can move up the ranks as detective grade 2 and detective grade 3.

Every two to three years, the department offers exams for promotions to sergeant, lieutenant and captain, each with grade levels. Sapraicone, only 15 to 20 detectives are assigned to each homicide squad, and is considered the most prestigious assignment.

They gather information through face-to-face interviews. Both keep detailed records of their investigations and work with other law enforcement professionals in the course of solving a crime. They share a responsibility to testify in court and the authority to make arrests.

Homicide detectives, as part of a murder investigation team, work closely with crime scene investigators, the coroner and the district attorney.

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