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Take a look at how this presentation uses teal to contrast with the other text and emphasize information: You may be tempted to use the same slide layout throughout your entire presentation–either for consistency, or because you’re not sure how else to design your slide.The problem is, using the same slide layout over and over again won’t do much to excite your audience.Returning the the idea of focal points on your slide: emphasize a key number or phrase using big, bold text in a contrasting color.This will communicate to your audience that if they take away one thing from your slide, it should be that piece of information.And we’ll give you design tips to customize our presentation templates.The example above shows how you can customize our templates and export them directly to Power Point.

For example, this presentation template uses five different slide layouts.Many Venngage users have told us that they’re always looking for ways to make presentations more engaging.But most of them don’t have any formal design experience.Those are just a few different ways you can use charts to visualize.For more ideas, check out our guide to picking the best charts for your data. They’re fun, quirky, and more exciting than a boring old stock photo.

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