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Anyone who has been using effects for any length of time knows that the Proco Rat is one of the most respected distortion pedals on the market. Check out the history of the different Rat models: Proco Rat history It even has its own Myspace page that is linked from its web site.The Rat is a heavy-duty fuzzbox that can take a lot of punishment and keep on working.It is very similar to the LM308 and sounds way better than the 741 I tried out (741 does work)!I reversed the configuration of the filter knob (put the wiper, ie.I had some trouble in building this effect, in fact, I build two prototypes, because the first one became unuseable.I used TI's LM308N opamp, and Fairchild's 2N5458 Mosfet. After a lot of debugging I discovered that wiring the pots to the PC board (about 2 inches long) caused a lot of oscillation, noises and malfunction, just like having bad contact from hell! Soldering the pots straight to the PC board was the better way to avoid that.This compensation cap is pretty important if you are using a non internally compensated op amp like the LM308.Try to get a value close to 30p F as specified in the datasheet.

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I ordered 2N5458 from the states (I'm in Canada) and received some 2N5952 from China I ordered on the same day (USPS is slow? I subbed a couple of the non-electrolytic caps but nothing major.

this way it can be 1m F or 4.7m F: the second cap makes the rat a killing tool for my bassist! I build the rat exactly with the PCB's original components, and have found two AMAZING mods: I cut off the 1meg resitor linked to the IN; second: I replaced the 47 ohm resistor (linked to the 2.2F capacitor) with 100 ohm resistor. Try to get the Can type LM308 as much as you can, it really make a difference. This is a great pedal I had always wanted to try and never bought it.

AND BIG PLUS: I took out the 30p F cap, my chip LM308AN just simply sounds better, with shiny harmonics and dynamics on pick! I tried several diode modes even the open one but I still preffered the original, symetrical clipping using 914's..the ways, this is not a thin sounding distortion, sound is very very thick "quality" indeed that could go chug a chug specially when cascaded with an EQ. If you preferred a lighter distortion then go for the TS808, I'm sure this will suit your needs. I used the LM208 metal can op amp (I found it in a local store).

I'm really happy with this pedal, it's not too too noisy now that I have it in its enclosure. Nathan Just a little correction and a few additional comments to my last RAT build report: The opamp used was Motorola's LM308AN, not TI (Texas Instruments).

Also, I added a Millenium 2 PCB with LED indicator and DPDT true bypass switch (not the Geofex circuit, but the, instead).

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