Dating question and answer dating only one person your whole life

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“Some people do a 15-minute check-in, where you get home and put down your phones and talk about your day,” explains Morse, “while others do at least one dinner out each week where they leave their phones in the car.” It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something phoneless: “To maintain a healthy relationship, it’s really important to connect without distractions,” she emphasizes.3) I’m scared to talk to my partner about money—what’s the best way to do it?It’s all about getting to the root cause of your money beliefs—especially because spenders and savers can easily end up together, says Morse.“Most of our views about money come from our childhood, so it’s important to talk to each other openly and honestly about how your parents approached money,” she continues. “Say something like, ‘My parents were penny pinchers, so that’s why I’m all about saving,’” she advises.If you’ve noticed the telltale signs of cheating—like your partner is constantly on their phone, or they change their password, or they’re traveling a lot for work but not checking in—then it’s best to try to find evidence before confronting them.You should never accuse them before you have proof.

It highlights the complexity of sex and dating in the 21st century, and it’s a good reminder that when it comes to relationships, sometimes we all just need a little help from our friends—and by friends, we mean licensed therapists.5) I’ve asked my partner to change a couple things about his behavior, like how he parties a lot, but he hasn’t stopped any of them. Try to understand your partner’s behavior patterns, because there’s usually something bigger going on that doesn’t have to do with the actual act.“Sit them down and ask them they’re doing what they’re doing—like, ‘Why do you feel like you have to party every night? The answer will often reveal itself during that conversation, but if not, you can also try modeling the behavior you want to see, she continues.“Everyone thinks of time differently, so it helps to actually sit down and have a real talk about exactly what your expectations are, instead of waiting for your partner to magically change,” she explains.Once you’ve done that, consider finding new ways to spend time together each week—like taking a cooking class, starting a new game together, or planning more weekend getaways—to keep things as exciting as they were in the beginning.

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