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Another felt that almost all men grow to a point where they seek substance over sex.

If we read between the lines here, I think we can bridge some key gaps between the sexes.

I recently conducted two informal surveys about sex and intimacy; one survey went out to men in their 20s and 30s, the other to women of the same ages.

While I did expect there to be some overlap in the free-response format, I didn’t expect the overlap to be so consistent in both sets.

Most women who’ve “dated” on campus have been burned at least once or twice by bad intentions, which makes them wary of guys for a long while after.

“See if the guy sticks around.” We’re not reinventing the wheel here; this age-old tactic is still the best tactic if you’re not sure how emotionally invested he is.” The response was fairly consistent: Most women wanted to know when sex was more than just a physical act, and/or if men the women they had slept with.On the male side, I also asked an important question: “What do you think women get wrong about men when it comes to sex and intimacy?Instead, filter for qualities of character — like honesty, communication, effort, follow-through — that your younger, campus-age self might have ignored.Gap #3: Men’s emotions probably present differently than women’s … Men and women are both similar — and different — but probably more similar than we think.

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