Dating simulator interactive video

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Within that kind of game environment, your stats determine who “you” as the player character (PC) are.

How you choose to interact with each non-player character (NPC) that you encounter affects your stat line—bumping up your peacemaker score, say, or lowering decisiveness—to create your in-story identity.

Thus started the project that would eventually become the interactive romance novel .

The self who wanted to write “as if I had never written anything before” was ecstatic at this opportunity.

So I followed Italo Calvino’s advice and took up something different, throwing myself into invented form prose poetry and unchaining my horse from its troublesome cart.

The resulting book, , pleased me greatly but didn’t lead to the next project; it was a dead end, a one-off.

Their coding language allows their games to track each individual player’s choices during play to create unique narrative experiences based on reader decision.

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I felt like a rickety snowblower trying to chew its way through half-frozen slush.

In a dynamic game system, the choices you make adjust your statistics, which in turn determine future choices available to you—as well as your failure or success at things you try to do within the storyworld.

Think of stats like character traits—they both affect and are affected by our experiences, shaping how we navigate the world and simultaneously being shaped our experiences in the world.

The reader is a full participant in the creation of the narrative.

In this scenario, writers need to account not only for multiple potential storylines, but for stat assignments on every single choice.

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