Dating single tired of ugly people

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Being single means you have so many opportunities in front of you, and you can take any of them you want.You don't have to be practical if you don't want to.

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This person has managed to skip over the awkward high school romances, and defied expectations by not meeting someone in college. I know that it has its ugly parts, its bad parts and its good parts.

You have good relationship advice for your friends, but they always take it with a grain of salt. )It's obnoxious because you want to help your friends with their personal crises, but you feel like you can't.

They discount your opinions on the subject of love because you've never been in a relationship, so how would you know things? Your friends give off the vibe that they're not taking you seriously, simply because of your perpetual singleness.

You see them flashing their engagement rings on Facebook.

They're kissing and laughing and being so genuinely and sickeningly sweet.

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