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Hong Kong Day Trips bring you to stunning beaches, quiet fishing villages, areas with abundant wildlife and natural beauty, historic villages, colonial architecture of a former Portuguese enclave, and the bold and contrasting blend that is modern and traditional China.The Geography of Hong Kong is surprisingly varied, beyond the compact jungle of the high-rises and the busy retail and entertainment districts, lie large expanses of greenery, rugged mountain peaks, natural reserves and over 260 islands.The Hong Kong "skyline" goes now beyond the well-known Central skyline featured in most glossy brochures, and extends to the other side of the Harbour in the Kowloon side, which is now home to Hong Kong's tallest building.

all at our doorstep and easily accesible as a day trip or weekend trip from Hong Kong.The menu is set and unfortunately cannot be altered for special dietary requirements.You haven't seen Hong Kong if you haven't explored by foot!The buses escape out of the hustle and bustle bringing you to fishing villages, beaches and markets, an excellent overview of the different facets of Hong Kong.The best way to get around the North part of Hong Kong Island is with the clunky and fun Ding Ding Tram which has been traversing the east-west corridor for over a century.

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