Dating site scams from ghana

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After finally contacting your date, you will use online chats, text messaging, or even calls just to get to know her/him better.However, along the way, your date will ask you for money in order to handle a medical emergency involving a close friend or family.You may receive communication from a popular e-commerce website.The email will request you to confirm your email address or click on a link to verify your information."The defendants attempted to launder millions of dollars in proceeds earned from an online romance scam through a series of financial transactions intended to conceal their illegal activities," said Ryan L. Attorney Glassman commended the investigation of this case by the IRS Criminal Investigation, U. Postal Inspection Service and HSI, as well as Assistant United States Attorney Peter K. An indictment merely contains allegations, and defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

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You will therefore be required to send some advance fee in order for the transfer of ownership to be effected.Typical wire amounts ranged from ,000 to more than 0,000 per wire," the statement revealed.The Attorney General's office said the money was not used for the purposes claimed by the fraudsters but instead used for "transactions designed to conceal, such as withdrawing cash, transferring funds to other accounts and purchasing assets and sending the assets overseas." It is also alleged that the individuals used some of the fraud proceeds to purchase salvaged vehicles sold online for export to Ghana.Fictitious reasons for investment requests included gold, diamond, oil and gas pipeline opportunities in Africa.Websites used involve, Christian, Baby Boomer People, Plentyof, Our, and Facebook.

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