Dating sleigh bells

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They have served a number of purposes, from ritual, magical and religious, to musical, signalling and warning.Apart from their functional role, bells have served as decorative devices throughout the ages, and continue to be popular as harness embellishments to the present day.The two met in a park, where she listened to Miller's demos.In a 2012 interview, Krauss recalled her first impressions, saying: "Derek's music sounded like a really interesting challenge, but I wasn't thinking he was somebody I wanted to develop a creative relationship with." Krauss noted that when the two began recording together for the first time, Miller wanted to be in control.He had very specific ideas about what the vocals should be like." The two quickly got in the studio and recorded a seven-track self-titled EP. from the album Maya towards the end of 2009, and began recording Treats with Krauss in 2010.Their EP soon gained attention from The Guardian, The New York Times, Pitchfork, ABC News's Amplified, and other sources. All but one of the tracks from Sleigh Bells EP have been subsequently included on studio albums.

The final track on the extended play, "2HELLWU", was eventually reworked into the Bitter Rivals track "To Hell with You", released in October 2013.In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Krauss clarified the new style of the album, saying, "I was interested in doing something Beyoncé or Janet Jackson would do, these slow-winding, sparkling melodies." A music video directed by Sleigh Bells for the album's title track, "Bitter Rivals", was released in September 2013.The band toured North America in October and November 2013 in support of Bitter Rivals with Doldrums and Danny Brown as support.On December 7, 2011, the band announced via press release both the date of the album's release and the track listing.The band's publicist said of the upcoming release, "[The album features] songs that are as crushing and authoritative as their title suggests; they're effortlessly robust and heavier than any of the band's previous output ...

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