Dating someone lower intelligence

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It is especially difficult for most men to accurately pick up on their partner’s emotion because they haven’t clued into the subtle, or not so subtle, clues.

If that is the case, then why would they take the time to figure out their own emotions?

An intimate relationship that has two people working toward a greater understanding of their emotions as well as their partner’s emotions, and can manage these emotions, is likely to thrive and sustain through all the ups and downs.

The mastery of these emotions allows each of you to feel safe in the situation and cared for by the other person. D., author of the book “Because it takes the rational mind a moment or two longer to register and respond than it does the emotional mind, the ‘first impulse’ in an emotional situation is the heart’s not the head’s.” That is good news because it means that he can learn from his head how to read his heart and yours.

In response, I began to tense and my voice would become a little louder and soon we were in a full-blown argument.

I had reacted to his emotions and became angry rather than understand why he was getting upset and act accordingly.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you have a fair amount of emotional intelligence.

It could be your hopes for the future, a scary dream you had last night that left you uncomfortable, grief over a loss, or anger over the stupid driver who cut you off on your way home. Rather than reflect and discuss your feelings, they tend to throw out a solution and think they have done their part.

Off they go to relax while you now add frustration to the list of emotions you are managing.

Communicating emotions is an important developmental part of a relationship.

While there are no measurable scientific studies that prove that women are more emotional than men, most people agree that is the case. It doesn’t matter in this context since it’s not about who is more emotional, but how you handle the emotions you have.

It’s about your ability to sense when something may be wrong and skillfully navigate the rough emotional waters.

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