Dating someone with bpd borderline personality disorder

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He did go to AA at one point in our relationship and completely stopped drinking and smoking pot.

About a month after he left AA he started to drink very heavily and smoke again.

Borderlines are really struggling like hell to fit in, do normal things and really get our heads around all sorts of things that sometimes trigger our inner demons.

We just can't cope with the past/preset and the future. we just survive, thats all just cope with what we have do to in that moment, anything else is too much to handle.

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The jealousy of every person I was in contact with.The next day I called and left a message asking what is going on.I received a voicemail back while I was at work that said do not call me, do not email me, I do not care for you anymore, I do not love you anymore, get out of my life. I managed to work the rest of the day and I received an email from him that night and a call the next day. Things were done to me over and over the last ¼ of our relationship that he would not tolerate me doing to him especially the drunk raging mild violence one time.Well, this happened about 5 or 6 times in a two or three week period.I would hear rage at me while he was drinking, I would be broken up with that night or the next day and would receive a call a day later or even later on that very day. Finally I fired back with an insulting email but it was not a breakup email. John’s phone service has been disconnected and the email account he had has been closed. It was my fault for not paying attention when I was informed of this.

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