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Shockingly, the survey also uncovered that 30 pc of adults have never even owned a stuffed toy.

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It is suggestive that the child never completed his object formation before he was separated from his parents." Despite the reasons behind these findings being inconclusive, we now know that stuffed animal ownership is far more prevalent among adult men than initially thought.Last year, Build-a-Bear Workshop tried a new promotion: Pay-Your-Age Day, where kids could create some new fuzzy friends for far, far less than what the experience would normally cost.A 5-year-old could make a stuffed animal for five bucks, for example."I wouldn't be surprised if it was much higher than that! And from Wesley in Warrington (who can't drop off without his cuddly lion, Liam) to Gary in Leeds (to whom a night without Brown Bear is unthinkable) the reasons all come down to comfort.These men just don't feel safe or cosy without their respective cuddly counterparts. Zookeeper hand-rears cute baby sloth Dr Robin Lawrence, a consultant psychiatrist on Harley Street, offers some explanation as to why such a large proportion of grown men cannot sleep without stuffed animals.

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